Sunday, June 24, 2012

Night Lights Cause Breast Cancer, Heart Disease!

Thomas Edison's discovery of the light bulb set the night ablaze! People began to work and play long after sunset!

But it now looks as if Edison's blessing came with a deadly curse! The human species evolved to go to sleep at night -- and not doing so has deadly health consequences!

According to William Weir, reporting for the Hartford Courant (June 20, 2012):

The American Medical Association Wednesday adopted recommendations based on a report co-authored by a University of Connecticut researcher asserting that certain types of nighttime lighting can adversely affect health and may be linked to breast cancer and other medical conditions.

The AMA's house of delegates voted to adopt policies based on the report "Light Pollution: Adverse Health Effects of Nighttime Lighting," co-authored by Richard Stevens, an epidemiologist at the University of Connecticut Health Center. He was one of four writers.

With the AMA accepting the report, Stevens said, funding should become more readily available for further research.

"There is no question that lighting suppresses circadian rhythms," he said, adding that the next step will be to determine how much it affects specific medical conditions.

Dr. Steven Lockley, a professor of medicine at Harvard University and one of the report's four authors, said the AMA's policies will help educate the public about artificial light, particularly regarding the risks of working night shifts. Studies consistently have shown that shift workers are at a higher risk for breast cancer, heart disease and other health problems.

Read the rest of Weir's frightening report!


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