Thursday, August 05, 2010

Robert Bauval Reveals The Egypt Code

Egyptology is "hot" once again, with museum exhibitions and TV specials being announced one after the other, led by the ubiquitous Zahi Hawass, the all-powerful, swashbuckling guardian of Eqyptian antiquities -- a man so recognizable in his field that his trademark hat is a major item sold in the Discovery Times Square Exposition gift shop, where a flashy Tutankhamun exhibition is drawing large crowds.

Pushing past the showmanship, Dr. Hawass's nemesis, rogue Egyptologist Robert Bauval, asks questions whose answers you won't find in Times Square or in one of the coffee table books in the gift shops.

Why did the ancients align their monuments so precisely with the stars? What were the practical and symbolic reasons behind these mysterious configurations?

Bauval's latest book, The Egypt Code, reveals an amazing Grand Unified Plan behind the legendary temples of Upper Egypt. The book revisits the Pyramid Age and the Old Kingdom, demonstrating a vast sky-ground correlation for the Memphite-Heliopolis region, and presenting the possibility of a grand plan spanning 3,000 years of pharaonic civilization involving pyramids and major temple sites along the Nile.