Monday, June 10, 2024

Melatonin Helps Prevent Macular Degeneration

From Medical Express (June 7, 2024)

A team of medical researchers from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and the Cleveland Clinic's Center for Ophthalmic Bioinformatics has found further evidence that regular consumption of melatonin reduces an older person's chances of developing age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a disease that often leads to blindness.

In their study, published in the journal JAMA Ophthalmology, the group researched case histories of 200,000 looking for an association between regular consumption of melatonin and the development of AMD...

In recent years, research teams have been finding that people taking melatonin supplements may be less likely to develop the condition. In 2020, one team found that the higher levels of melatonin can prevent retinal damage due to AMD.

The following year, another team found that patients with AMD tended to have lower-than-average amounts of melatonin in their blood and tears. In this new effort, the research team looked at the of 200,000 older people covering the years 2008 to 2023 looking for an association.

They found that out of 121,523 patients aged 50 years or older who had no evidence of AMD, many were regular users of melatonin supplements. They also found that many patients who began taking after developing AMD experienced slower degradation than patients who did not begin to take the supplements.

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Saturday, July 08, 2023

Genetic Discovery Might Help Prevent Glaucoma

Medicalxpress reports [July 3, 2023]:

"International research led by QIMR Berghofer has found hundreds of new genes linked to a person's risk of developing glaucoma, including key genetic targets that could, for the first time, pave the way for treatments that prevent the retinal damage that causes blindness.

The findings, from the largest-ever global genetic study of the degenerative eye disease, have been published in Nature Genetics.

The research significantly advances our understanding of the genetics of glaucoma, building on a previous 2021 study to identify another 185 previously unknown genes linked to glaucoma risk, bringing the total number to 312 genes."


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Monday, August 01, 2022

Strawberries Might Prevent Alzheimer's

An amazing report from Medical Express:

Could strawberries as a snack or in your cereal, salads or smoothie help protect your brain from Alzheimer's? Maybe so, according to a new study from researchers at RUSH.

RUSH researchers found that a bioactive compound found in strawberries called pelargonidin may be associated with fewer neurofibrillary tau tangles in the brain. Tau tangles are one of the hallmarks of Alzheimer's disease, which is caused by abnormal changes with tau proteins that accumulate in the brain. The study was published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease on July 19.

"We suspect the anti-inflammatory properties of pelargonidin may decrease overall neuroinflammation, which may reduce cytokine production," said Dr. Julie Schneider, author of the study. Schneider is associate professor and neuropathologist in the Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago.

Cytokines are proteins produced by cells and can regulate various inflammatory responses. Inflammation in the brain has been linked to Alzheimer's pathology such as plaques and tangles. The data suggests that pelargonidin may protect the aging brain from developing Alzheimer's disease pathology.

Among berries, strawberries are the most abundant source of pelargonidin. ...

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Shroud of Turin's Image Really Is Jesus!

From The Western Journal:

New Discoveries on Shroud of Turin Directly Contradict 1988 Carbon Dating, Put It Roughly Around Judea Some 2,000 Years Ago

A new report finds the Shroud of Turin dates back to the era of the earthly ministry of Jesus, contradicting 1988 evidence that dated the cloth as being centuries newer.

A new scientific procedure says fabric in the shroud is about 2,000 years old, according to a Christian Broadcasting Network report last week.

The study also analyzed traces of pollen on the shroud.

“The pollen samples that were gathered they, a lot of them, are from plants that are native to not just the Middle East, but specifically the area around Judea, Palestine, and Syria and stay where it was in that time period,” said Brian Hyland, an exhibit curator at the Museum of the Bible, according to CBN. ...

British filmmaker David Rolfe said that in a new film, “Who Can He Be,”  his team produced a 3D image from data that was pulled from the fabric.

“We can see what I believe to be the body of the crucified Jesus in front of us,” he said, according to CBN.

“The only way that the image could’ve got on to that cloth is a miraculous one. A miracle that emanated from the body with unbelievable amounts of energy but within an infinitesimally short space of time,” he said.

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Wednesday, June 01, 2022

Weird Science: Physicists Discover Key to Invisibility!

Induced transparency: The precise control of the energy flow (indicated by glowing particles in the fog) makes the artificial material become entirely transparent for the optical signal. Credit: Andrea Steinfurth / University of Rostock

Sissy Gudat at reports:

Space, the final frontier. The starship Enterprise pursues its mission to explore the galaxy, when all communication channels are suddenly cut off by an impenetrable nebula. In many episodes of the iconic TV series, the valiant crew must "tech the tech" and "science the science" within just 45 minutes of airtime in order to facilitate their escape from this or a similar predicament before the end credits roll.

Despite spending a significantly longer time in their laboratories, a team of scientists from the University of Rostock has succeeded in developing an entirely new approach for the design of artificial materials that can transmit light signals without any distortions by means of precisely tuned flows of energy. They have published their results in Science Advances.

"When light spreads in an inhomogeneous medium, it undergoes scattering. This effect quickly transforms a compact, directed beam into a diffuse glow, and is familiar to all of us from summer clouds and autumn fog alike," Professor Alexander Szameit of the Institute for Physics at the University of Rostock describes the starting point of his team's considerations. Notably, it is the microscopic density distribution of a material that dictates the specifics of scattering.

Szameit continues, "The fundamental idea of induced transparency is to take advantage of a much lesser-known optical property to clear a path for the beam, so to speak."

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Sunday, May 06, 2018

Conspiracy Watch: Alek Minassian "Incel Rebellion" Is Fake News -- A Hoax!

The mainstream media is widely reporting that Toronto mass murderer, Alek Minassian, was motivated by "incel rage." This is because of a message that Minassian allegedly left on his Facebook account, stating that "The Incel Rebellion has begun!"

But did Minassian post that message? Or was it a hoax perpetrated by someone else? This video suggests the latter:

In which case -- we still don't know Minassian's real motive for murdering ten people!


Saturday, March 03, 2018

Is Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel a Cross-Dresser?

Over at Fox News, commentator MiamiBadger believes he has detected evidence indicating that Broward County Sherfiff Scott Israel is a cross-dresser. 
According to MiamiBadger:
The sheriff is a democrat and if you look closely, he tweezes his eyebrows. This is always a sign of a nocturnal cross-dresser. Guaranteed there are some very very nefarious things happening behind the scenes with this guy. This is why he likes to deflect. With EVERYTHING.
What do YOU think?!