Sunday, June 19, 2011

Obnoxious "Educated" Woman from Kicked Off New York Train

Here's a video that's gone viral.

Some "educated" yuppie New Yorker was behaving like street trash, cursing loudly on her cell phone. When she was confronted by a conductor about her behavior, she became belligerent, bragging about how educated she was, and what great schools she went to. (They certainly didn't teach her how to behave like a lady.)

This educated woman finally demanded her money back. Apparently, she's also threatening to sue.

Thank God if you don't live in New York City.

(How viral has this video gone? Los Angeles's Tim Conway Show, on KFI-AM, did a whole segment on this woman, playing back the video's audio portion while mocking this "educated" woman.)

And a response...


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

UFOs Invade Missouri

Missouri is a hotbed of UFO activity and paranormal phenomena -- from time slips and vortexes, to extraterrestrials and interdimensional travelers, to all things supernatural -- according to Lee Prosser's startling new book, UFOs in Missouri: True Tales of Extraterrestrial and Related Phenomena!

Prosser's book reveals shocking true-life accounts of Missourians who have had terrifying contacts with extraterrestrials, been "implanted" by aliens, or experienced "missing time."

UFO investigators will learn what to say to an extraterrestrial -- and how to "call down" a UFO if you want to chat!

The book also takes you on a virtual tour of the many shocking sites of UFO sightings -- and to Missouri's own astonishing Bermuda Triangle (an area between the points of Joplin, Springfield, and Branson)!

UFOs in Missouri offers astounding new perspectives on UFOs, mysterious phenomena, intriguing tales, and scary UFO revelations -- just waiting to be explored as the extraterrestrials beckon.

Will you answer their call?!

Author Lee Prosser is a lifelong Vedantist (i.e., a Paranormal Sensitive who investigates the paranormal). In addition to UFOs, he has extensively researched ghosts! His books include: Missouri Hauntings, Branson Hauntings, and Midwest Hauntings. He lives in the Missouri Ozarks with his wife, Debra.